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HopeWell produces and enables distribution of publications on astrological psychology, a modern combination of astrology with growth psychology concerned with personal growth and the best achievement of human potential.

Astrological psychology was developed by Swiss astrologer/psychologists Bruno & Louise Huber, initially in collaboration with Italian psychologist Roberto Assagioli, the founder of the growth psychology known as psychosynthesis.

HopeWell works in close collaboration with the Astrological Psychology Association, which offers a community of common interest and provides education in astrological psychology.

HopeWell holds the English-language publishing rights to most of the books written by the Hubers, as well as to those written by the two people who have been most instrumental in spreading their ideas in the English-speaking world: Joyce Hopewell and Richard Llewellyn.

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Astrological Psychology

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Astrological Psychology

The Huber Method

Edited by Barry Hopewell

The ultimate book on astrological psychology and the Huber Method, with full colour illustrations.

Based on the Astrological Psychology Association’s long-running Diploma Course. This book introduces all the main features of astrological psychology, together with a progressive set of exercises which will help you to learn more about yourself and, if you so choose, embark on the path towards helping others.

With a comprehensive index, this also provides a unique reference book to what is known as the ‘Huber Method’.

** Soon Available **

Published February 2017